iOS crash 2023.3.0 (reinstall to resolve)

The app crashes on launch with the latest version on iOS 16.3.1
Version : 2023.3.0


I am currently experiencing the app crash upon updating to version 2023.3.0 on iOS 16.3.1. The Bitwarden App does not open in any way

I uninstalled the latest version and reinstalled it. everything is back to normal


App also crashes in Android 13 after latest update.
Problem solved after uninstalling and reinstalling the app

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The recently published iOS version 2023.3.0 of Bitwarden crashes on launch on my iPhone 11 running iOS 16.3.1.
An iPhone restart doesn’t help.
So currently I am using the web app.
Tell me, if this problem is new to you and if you need crash logs.
Cheers, babaloo

UPDATE: before posting the above I didn’t see the earlier post iOS crash 2023.3.0
Following the advice from there I deleted and reinstalled the app successfully. Everything is working fine again.

It doesn’t work. Already tried uninstall, reinstall and restart.

Can you update the app? There is a 2023.3.1 version in both of the iOS and Andoid stores in the past day.

ios 16.6 version 2023.8.0. Uninstalled and reinstelled, reset network settings, cleared safari cache, etc. Still crashing upon attempt to log in

Any resolution? I am having the same issues. I cannot even get in on the webapp.

You might try:

  1. Uninstall the Bitwarden app on your phone (without opening the Bitwarden app)
  2. Logging in via the web vault
  3. Click on your initials in the colored circle in the upper right corner
  4. Click on “Account Settings”
  5. At the bottom, click on “Deauthorize sessions”
  6. Reboot phone
  7. Reinstall Bitwarden on your phone