iOS crash 2023.3.0 (reinstall to resolve)

The app crashes on launch with the latest version on iOS 16.3.1
Version : 2023.3.0

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I am currently experiencing the app crash upon updating to version 2023.3.0 on iOS 16.3.1. The Bitwarden App does not open in any way

I uninstalled the latest version and reinstalled it. everything is back to normal


App also crashes in Android 13 after latest update.
Problem solved after uninstalling and reinstalling the app

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The recently published iOS version 2023.3.0 of Bitwarden crashes on launch on my iPhone 11 running iOS 16.3.1.
An iPhone restart doesn’t help.
So currently I am using the web app.
Tell me, if this problem is new to you and if you need crash logs.
Cheers, babaloo

UPDATE: before posting the above I didn’t see the earlier post iOS crash 2023.3.0
Following the advice from there I deleted and reinstalled the app successfully. Everything is working fine again.

It doesn’t work. Already tried uninstall, reinstall and restart.

Can you update the app? There is a 2023.3.1 version in both of the iOS and Andoid stores in the past day.