iOS, Bitwarden doesn't come up

Is anyone else having an issue with Bitwarden not coming up when you are trying to log into an app? For example, I’ll bring up an app, any app, and I’ll touch either the username or password field, then then the Bitwarden app loading screen will come up and get stuck there. Or the screen will blur a little bit like Bitwarden wants to come up but nothing happens. It’s just stuck on that apps log in screen looking like Bitwarden wants to load.

At this point I’ll have to close the app. Sometimes if I try again Bitwarden will load up correctly and auto fill the username and password. But that’s about 50/50. If it hangs again. I’ll have to close it out a second time. Then I just go to manually copying and pasting from Bitwarden.

Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.

I had the same problem once. Bitwarden didn’t open and got stuck. After force quit of all open apps it worked again. :thinking:

So I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it and still having the same issues.