iOS apps not recognied by autofill

I have a mobile app that is not recognized by the autofill function, so that I am always required to go and dig out the entry for that app . . . I was wondering if anyone knows how to get autofill to recognize a heretofore unrecognized app. Note that the entry for that site works just fine on a desktop browser. Thanks.

Hey there, mobile apps use a unique ID, you can see a few notes here: Using URIs | Bitwarden Help Center is there a particular app that you are using? As an example you can see Bundle IDs for Apple apps here: Bundle IDs for native iPhone and iPad apps - Apple Support (CA)

I will muck around with finding the BundleID this afternoon.

Assuming I can find it, what do I do with it? Additional URI field, or ???


Yep, you would just add it as a 2nd URI field.

Hmmm . . . So, I found the bundle id (per the SO instructions), added as a second URI, and no luck.

Thanks Neil, perhaps it is not configured properly on the app developer side, but hard to tell without more information on the app.

Ah, yes . . . The app is that for Fremont Bank (there may be more than one of these, so to clarify, the one in Fremont, CA).

Specifically, the iPhone app, which is likely different than the iPad app.

Thanks, I’ll ping them and see if I can get the direct bundle ID from them.

@bw-admin: Any progress on this? Thx

Haven’t heard anything back from them yet, there are some guides online: How to Find Bundle ID of an iOS app ? Step by Step - Mr. Virk Media