iOS App - Time Out Action affects Autofill


I am new to Bitwarden and currently in the process of exploring everything. While doing so I came across a potential bug in the iOS App:

iOS has the nice feature that it directly suggest a login e.g. while being on a website in safari where a saved login exists for. This is also supported when using Bitwarden. If Bitwarden is setup and you are on a site with saved login in Bitwarden, iOS will directly suggest that login (in a big blue button). When you click that suggestion you are forwarded to Bitwarden in order to unlock it. After that the login is autofilled in the site.
This, however, works in my case only if the time out action in Bitwarden is set to ‚Log Out‘. If the action is set to ‚Lock‘ instead, I do not get direct login suggestions even on the websites it worked before. Instead a ‚Passwords‘-button is now shown above the keyboard. If I click this, I will be forwarded to Bitwarden, have to unlock it and then have to select the login which is has already been filtered for the website (usually only the one login for that site is shown).

Do others expierence the same behavior?

It is no big deal as a login is still possible without any problem. However, it feels like a big to me as i would not assume that the time out action leads to changes in autofill.

Thank you!