iOS App doesn't allow attachments downloads

I cannot download an attachment on iOS App.
I even don’t find a download button

My account is premium, and i created an attachment from desktop app in a note.
When I try to retrieve it from iOS app, I get a message like “Premium required for this feature”, but then I can see the name of my attachment, I can delete it, add another one, but I cannot download it…

Did I miss something ?

Thanks for help

Hello @Jous and welcome to the community,

Typically for users who experience issues with premium features syncing to your mobile app or another client it is recommended under Settings to Log out.

This will fully log you out, so you can then login again. So be sure to have your email and master password, and any 2FA method you may have set up.

Hello cksapp
Thank you for your answer.
You are right, it works :smile:

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