iOS App: Auto-insert Credit Cards

Is there a way in iOS to have Bitwarden insert my Credit Card information on website? When I use the action within Safari, it only seems to display usernames and passwords for the current website. If I want to insert a credit card, I have to manually switch back and forth between apps. Hopefully, I’m just missing something?

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I didn’t find it either, though it would be a great feature to have !

I’d say this is almost a deal breaker for me. I just switched from 1Password to Enpass, and now to BitWarden within the last 4 months or so.

The ability to autofill credit card information from mobile is definitely a must have feature. Please…please…implement it. As well as the ability to Autofill contact information.

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Why are there so many request from July ’18 that have no answers from BW? Is this really not possible? I actually can’t easily find Credit Cards (they’re not grouped like they are in the browser extension and Mac app) or Identities in the iOS app…

I gave up on it and went back to 1Password.

Too bad. Are you using with multiple users or just yourself?

i too would like to see this feature. it comes in handy very often – too handy even. please implement

This feature and Catalina support for safari extension

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Bordering on deal-breakers without: 1. Credit Card/Identify autofill on iOS and 2. no Safari extension for Catalina. Wanting to be able to keep using Bitwarden but this is tough. And I’m a paying business customer.