iOS App: Auto-insert Credit Cards

Is there a way in iOS to have Bitwarden insert my Credit Card information on website? When I use the action within Safari, it only seems to display usernames and passwords for the current website. If I want to insert a credit card, I have to manually switch back and forth between apps. Hopefully, I’m just missing something?

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I didn’t find it either, though it would be a great feature to have !

I’d say this is almost a deal breaker for me. I just switched from 1Password to Enpass, and now to BitWarden within the last 4 months or so.

The ability to autofill credit card information from mobile is definitely a must have feature. Please…please…implement it. As well as the ability to Autofill contact information.

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Why are there so many request from July ’18 that have no answers from BW? Is this really not possible? I actually can’t easily find Credit Cards (they’re not grouped like they are in the browser extension and Mac app) or Identities in the iOS app…

I gave up on it and went back to 1Password.

Too bad. Are you using with multiple users or just yourself?

i too would like to see this feature. it comes in handy very often – too handy even. please implement

This feature and Catalina support for safari extension

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Bordering on deal-breakers without: 1. Credit Card/Identify autofill on iOS and 2. no Safari extension for Catalina. Wanting to be able to keep using Bitwarden but this is tough. And I’m a paying business customer.

@kspearrin is this on the roadmap? What’s the reasoning behind excluding this from the iOS client when the macOS client has this feature as do many iOS password keepers such as 1P?

Thanks in advance.