iOS 2024.4.2+ cannot autofill

Versions 2024.4.2 and later cannot autofill on iOS 16.3.1.

Kynect@LittleTurtle ,

Visit the App Store and see if there’s an update available for your password manager app (cloud-default). Try to Verify Autofill Settings and reinstall can resolve glitches. Try deleting the cloud-default app and then reinstalling it from the App Store.

I have tried it before, and it didn’t work on 2024.4.2 or 2024.5.1. I downgraded to 2024.4.0 and it was fine.

fill suggests that there is no response after clicking to autofill.


Clicking on the suggested autofill does not work. Clicking on the icon works, but it is very inconvenient.