iOS 15 Extensions

With iOS 15 now available, will a Safari extension be released?

With iOS and ‌iPadOS 15‌, Apple allows Safari extensions developers to release their previously exclusive Safari for Mac extensions to the ‌iPhone‌ and ‌iPad‌, allowing users to use extensions on all of their devices.


I sure hope that indeed Bitwarden is also developing such a feature and releasing soon on iOS15/iPadOS15. I see also other Bitwarden users asking for it on this Reddit topic as well:

I also noticed the ’ iOS extension support plus extension bugfixes Build #808’ on Github and wondered if this is already in the works or if this is something else: iOS extension support plus extension bugfixes · bitwarden/[email protected] · GitHub

I’m a big fan of Bitwarden. It’s what got me to finally start using a password manager for good, and it’s great that it offers all the features that it does while being virtually free, but I’m looking at what the competition offers in terms of features and polish and man am I seriously considering switching. As a Mac/iOS user the Bitwarden experience really lacks polish, and I wouldn’t mind paying for some QoL improvements.

I’m not looking to diss or insult the developers in any way. I know developing software isn’t fast or easy, and I don’t know how big their team is. Just wanted to put my 5 cents out there.


Do you have plans to add new iOS 15 grade Safari app extension similar to 1Password to have even tighter integration with the browser? That’ll probably allow saving passwords in place etc. Honestly, I thought an existing app extension already does that, but it cannot be activated in iOS 15.1 and won’t show up under Safari - Extensions section, so it’s probably something obsolete.