Inviting a user returns "An error has occurred: Cannot Pay Invoice" error message


When I attempt to invite a user to our organization I am getting a rather cryptic message:
“Unable to pay invoice.”

Here is the JSON returned from the POST to /api/organizations/<myorgid>/users/invite

    "message":"Errors have occurred.",
    "validationErrors": {
        "An error has occurred.": [
            "Unable to pay invoice."

This is not an attempt to pay an invoice, and I would assume if we have not been able to pay any invoices (I don’t have access to this information) this information would instead show up somewhere else.

Perhaps there’s some jank in the API somewhere that’s being worked on? It is also possible we need to change some payment information but I am not privy to that info so I can’t really tell - if someone can confirm or tell me what I can do next I would be appreciative of the support. For now I will continue to try every once in a while in case there’s just some weird blip of service. Thanks!

May be related to the Org’s license count or the seat limit.

Adding seats will immediately charge your payment method on file at an adjusted rate so that you will only pay for the remainder of the billing cycle (month/year).

Either way I would recommend having the Organization Owner check the subscription or the payment method on file.
For further official support or billing questions though I would recommend reaching out to the Bitwarden team directly.

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The org owner has contacted support, thanks for the help!