Introducing the standalone Bitwarden Authenticator

Hi folks, There’s a new product in town! Introducing the standalone Bitwarden Authenticator.
Perhaps we’ll set up another category in the future. For now enjoy!


Cool. Are Windows, Mac and Linux apps in the works?

Also, would it make sense to create “feature request” and “ask the community” sub-categories for this new app?

Hi @DenBesten, Thanks! Desktop apps are under consideration. And we will likely setup a separate category for this app soon.


It can be installed on Apple Silicon Macs (though it’s marked as not verified on App Store). The camera also takes a few seconds to load but other than that it seems to work fine.

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What is the “Group” setting for?

hi @bituser2024 this is a development artifact that will be removed in the next release

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It does not autofill in iOS. But Bitwarden Password manager itself does. When will this be implemented?

Also I made some feature requests for the new app and since there was no category to place those feature requests. I put them in Password Manager.

Thanks @TerranadoVortex the team is working on filling out a more detailed roadmap. Also there is now an Authenticator category on the forums

Bug report: When changing the name of an entry (on iOS, with a long press on the entry, entry imported from Google Authenticator) to a name with a colon in it, the entry disappears completely.
(had no idea where to put this as the github repository does not allow for new issues)

Disappointed to see on Google Playstore that this app collects data that cannot be deleted. Could you elaborate on what exactly is collected, and if it is possible to disable collection and other transmissions?

Hi @go12, the Bitwarden Authenticator app should allow rearranging the different OTP accounts.

I assume this will never have any form of integration with the main Bitwarden app?
I imagine this is great for enterprise as a replacement for Microsoft Authenticator but I’m struggling to find a personal use case here

It offers another alternative for those who are uncomfortable storing their TOTP codes in their vault.

But, I too suspect Bitwarden has bigger plans along the lines of offering a competitor for Duo or MS authenticator.

@go12, I would like to second @DenWesten’s request for the Bitwarden Authenticator to be extended to Windows.

Authy works on Windows, but it will soon disappear (for reasons unknown), and no others seem to.

We surely need the app on Windows as well as Android, because if we lose our phones, we end up in disaster, with hours of mucking about trying to restore things, if that is even possible for some websites.

It seems to me to be very dangerous to have 2FA just on one platform. And Windows is of course the most-used platform globally, so there is a clear gap in the market for Bitwarden to fill.

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