Interaction with NordVPN credentials?

I’m a new BitWarden user and, as you can tell from the title, I use NordVPN, running both as a browser extension in Chrome (browser and OS). Initially, both extensions seemed to be working fine in tandem; however, since early this morning, when I updated the OS to 69.0.3497.35, the extensions now seem to have conflicting credentials, meaning that I can’t load any pages if both extensions are turned on. Additionally, I keep getting this message under my NordVPN extension:

" This extension failed to provide credentials to a network request because another extension (Bitwarden - Free Password Manager) provided different credentials."

  1. Is this a problem that anyone else with a VPN has experienced?
  2. Does anyone know how to get these 2 extension back working together?

I love the VPN and am really starting to like BW, so I’d hate to have to get rid of either. Thanks you for any possible help you could offer.

Have you tried to disable “Auto-fill on load” on BW extension’s options? Just an idea if you have that enabled, maybe it’s too quick to fill something in that’s not correct.