Interaction of MacOS BW app, browser, vault

Despite some reading, there is something I have missed.

As the first use of Bitwarden, I created this username and a password in the BW app on MacOS Sonoma. However, the Safari extension did not offer the user/pw I had created. I had to recreate the same login via the extension, picking up the pw from generator history. Now, that second instance appears in the app vault as well, and the first sits in the app vault but remains unknown to the browser extension.

I presume I have missed a step, or something in the reading. Is anyone able to offer me a guide to what is going on here please? Is the desktop app functional when creating new logins to be known to other devices (I presume it is in reality)?

All Bitwarden apps and extensions should automatically synchronize, so there is something wrong.

In the Safari extension, what happens when you go to Settings > Sync and click Sync vault now?

If that doesn’t work, log out completely from the browser extension, by clicking the avatar icon (colored circle with initials) in the upper right corner of the browser extension window, then clicking Log out. Log back in to the browser extension, and check if its contents are now synchronized.

Thank you. Manual syncing as specified worked. I shall experiment later with a sample login to elsewhere, just to check my procedure.

When I now binned the first of the duplicates via the app, it disappeared promptly from the extension, so syncing is working.