Instantly fill out credentials after unlocking your vault on mobile

Feature name

“Turbo Fill”, “Sonic Unlock”, “Effortless Sign-In”, “Instant Login”, “Rapid Access”, “Blazingly-Fast Authentication :smirk:”, “Auto-Fill but its actually automatic instead of proceeding through a 10 step program to fill out your credentials”

(I don’t think the feature really needs a name, it seems quite self explanatory)

Feature function

So currently what happens is that on my android device I try to fill out details via your Auto-Fill option. Before I can use the Auto-Fill option I have to unlock my vault. When I unlock it I am directed towards the Bitwarden app and then asked to authenticate myself via biometrics. I believe it is possible to directly use the e.g. fingerprint authentication without changing to the Bitwarden app.

Furthermore after I authenticated myself I am then directed to my Bitwarden vault with my entry for that specific website, instead of being instantly directed back to the website with my credentials already automatically filled in.

Even if I had more than one entry to choose from I could still do that from the top bar of the keyboard.
There’s no reason to be directed towards the vault at all.

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