Installation error

I have installed and I get the success message, but when I hit it’s showing directory index.
i use port 9191

1.43.0: Pulling from bitwarden/setup
Digest: sha256:29bd0777de8b902bd26a67f74c832c8032f1bea41e716277a98f7d439a8f2912
Status: Image is up to date for bitwarden/setup:1.43.0

Bitwarden is up and running!

to update, run ./ updateself and then ./ update

Did you try what I suggested on your other thread?

Hi, I would highly suggest locking down your webserver as it appears to be accessible directly from the public web and some secure information, ie. SMTP passwords, installation ID, etc

At this point as it has been publically accessible I would highly recommend changing all details here where possible, such as the email address password etc.
And making sure you understand fully how to set up your self-hosted instance prior to ever making it publically available.