Inline form password generation and post form fill save

I have previously tested 1Password and LastPass, and two nice features are:

  1. an icon inline on a form that recognizes a password field to help you generate a password for the creation of some account

  2. once you create a new account on a form, even if you did not open the extension, a request to save the new credentials along with the URL

I am interested if someone in the bitwarden community is already on this as I only see people on the user-to-user support declaring that one must actually open the extension. I happy to develop it if no one has it in the works. I have yet to build on the project so if anyone has already begun dev, let me know and I am happy to help.

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  1. There is the option to use a generated password in the right-click menu.

  2. It should pop up a banner across the top of the screen to prompt to save new credentials (or update existing ones). This doesn’t work on all sites and is dependent on how the web form is coded.

@pilehigh does this thread cover your request?

If so, I’ll close this one so the votes can go towards the main thread.

@tgreer yes definitely- close this one please or I will try to - thank you @danmullen as well