Individual login items - Auto-fill with default URI match detection

“Auto-fill” option in browser extension considers ‘default URI match detection’ to fill login details.

Currently if I enable the auto-fill option, individual item allows me to setup auto-fill mode (default, auto-fill on page load, no auto-fill).

I have setup multiple docker containers using same base domain, and each one exposing different port and has different login setup. Since current auto-fill option is set for base domain (which is what I want for all other websites), all container logins gets filled up by incorrect details (because base-domain is same for all).

It would be great if each login item allows overriding default URI match detection setting as well. This will allow me to setup for exact match for container based webpages.

Hello @Neuter2813 ,

I think it is already possible to overide the default autofill option by changing the “Match Detection” on each URI provided.

Additionnaly, I think as the domain is the same but you have a different port, the “Host” match detection should be appropriate.
You can find a more detailed explanation here: Using URIs | Bitwarden Help Center