Indexing an encrypted partition

Windows 10

Is there method or trick to add an encrypted partition for indexing. I’ve struggled with this in the past. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

I had to restore a Macrium image recently to an OS partition that previously had the encrypted partition listed among those items to be indexed.

Now, it only shows the other non-encrypted location. Even tho the encrypted partition is mounted, it is not among the optional index location choices.

Did you mean to post this on the Macrium Support Forum?

No, i intended it for here. There seems to be something about Bitwarden or perhaps other similar third party apps as well that makes it more difficult/complicated to get their encrypted partitions recognized by indexing.

However, I found an answer. It’s working now.

I already had a rebuilt index located on Partition I:\ that was only recognizing my Document directory E:. First, instead of relocating the index file using the index interface, I had to go into the registry and change the intended index directory location there.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Search]

Then I had to once again rebuild. As soon as the rebuild began, the encrypted partition N:\ was added to the indexed list. Before, it was only E:\

Still don’t see the connection to Bitwarden, but I’m glad you got your issue figured out.

FYI, Bitwarden does not create or use any “encrypted partitions”. Maybe your confusing Bitwarden with Bitlocker?

You’re absolutely right. Embarrassed. Forget everything I said was BItwarden related. I have two issues at the moment and mixed them up.

However, I do use the disk encryption software Veracrypt. The fix I offered is connected to that. Apparently, EFS encrypted files are different.

No worries. But I’ll close this thread to prevent future confusion.