Increase the timeout for password reminders

I think Bitwarden is a great password manager, is it possible to increase the timeout for password reminders? There are some websites that I don’t need to store, but after logging in, they keep displaying at the top of the page.

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Are you talking about the banner that asks if you want to save the password, as shown below?

If so, you have there are two ways of disabling those:

  1. To disable the banner for every website, go to Settings > Options and uncheck the checkboxes for the options “Ask to add login” and “Ask to update existing login”.

  2. To disable the banner for just a few websites, go to Settings > Excluded Domains and add the desired website domains to the exclusions list. Please note that you must use the full website domain, not just the base domain (e.g.,, not just

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Thank you for your reply. The actual situation I’m facing is that I want to keep the prompts but I don’t want them to appear permanently at the top of the webpage.

In my specific use case, there are many web pages within an internal network that require login actions. I don’t want to disable the password memory and password update prompts.

If I were to disable all prompts, it would mean that web pages requiring password memory or password updates would not display those prompts. I believe that implementing a timeout feature would allow users to choose how long the prompts should be displayed. After all, some web pages have login scenarios but don’t require password memory.

Allowing users to set the prompts to be permanently displayed or automatically closed after a few seconds, without the need for manual closing, would be a great improvement.

Thank you for your response.

What do you mean by “password memory”?

I mean save the password

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve.

In your original post, you wrote that for some websites, you “don’t need to store” passwords (??? … you never said what information you don’t need to store, so I assume you meant passwords).

Then you wrote a follow-up comment in which you said that you “don’t want to disable the password memory and password update prompts”, by which I assume that you mean that you do need to store new passwords and updated passwords for these websites. But this contradicts the information in your original post.

Then you wrote “some web pages have login scenarios but don’t require password memory”, and you explained that “password memory” means “save the password”. So I am interpreting your statement as saying that “some web pages have login scenarios but don’t require the password to be saved.” Perhaps you are referring to the fact that if you are logging in with a password that is already stored in your vault, then you don’t need to save it again, which is of course true — however, in such a scenario, Bitwarden will not show the pop-up at all (at least not if your vault is unlocked).

For example,
When logging in to Website A, I don’t want Bitwarden to save my password. In this case, a prompt will appear at the top, which needs to be manually closed.
Every time I log in to Website A, the prompt banner appears every time.
What I want is for the prompt to appear, but automatically close after waiting for 10 or 20 seconds.

I hope you understand my explanation. Thank you.

I think I understand your example, but I don’t understand why simply adding Website A to the “Excluded Domains” list is not an acceptable solution for you. This would stop the prompt from appearing when you log in to Website A, but the prompt would still appear when you log in to other websites.

Personally, I do not use Bitwarden to store passwords on many websites. Instead, I prefer to manually enter them.

For example, when I work with a specific website in my company, there are multiple accounts involved, but I don’t need to store them. Saving passwords is not necessary for me, but Bitwarden is persistent in prompting me to save the passwords, and the prompt keeps appearing at the top.

If the persistent prompt doesn’t affect the web page functionality, it can be accept. someone web pages like VMWARE Vcenter Manager Web, the password prompt covers the upper half of the functional buttons.

When using external websites, I still want Bitwarden to remind me to save or update passwords.

I don’t think you clarified the question I raised in my previous comment:

Thank you for your response.

Why don’t I disable the password prompt for website A? Because A website is just an example, and there might be many other websites with password prompts. I can’t individually disable the password prompt or choose “Never Remember” or “Close” for each website within the Bitwarden options, and it’s a cumbersome process.

In the current situation, if I don’t want to remember passwords, I would like the prompt to automatically close after 10 seconds.

Then why can’t you just disable the option “Ask to add login” altogether? It is still very easy to add a new login (or update an existing login) in your vault, even if these prompts are disabled.


You are using Bitwarden in a very peculiar way. Feel free to make a feature request, but I doubt that Bitwarden will implement a new feature just to accommodate the idiosyncrasies of a single user.