Increase Maximum Attachment Size

Is there a way to increase the total attachment size? I have the premium plan, but I wish to attach a folder (zip since you can’t attach a folder), but it is several GB and the max attachment size is 500mb. Attaching is file is one of the primary reasons I have the premium membership with extra gb (it would be inconvenient if I can’t Bitwarden for this attachment).

This actually used to be limited to 100MB previously, and was increased to 500MB back in a 2021-05-11 release, Bitwarden also does not limit to the file attachment type as a few other online password managers do.

I know .zip is a common format supported on many platforms, but if you are attempting to upload a folder (presumably with multiple files associated) could the same not be done by simply attaching all files separately to an item or multiple items however best would suit your needs?
Partly reason being would be that attachments are not stored in the cached offline vault and so require online connection to access and download. These also need to be downloaded locally when you wish to access, so a 1GB file on say a possibility slower connection could take some time to be pulled from your online vault.

Hello, thank you for your reply. Yes, the same thing could be done by attaching the files separately, however, the issue would compound as there are more files and it would be inconvenient to attach and download each file (not to say it would not be organized cohesively). There is no issue with the time taken to retrieve a file from an online vault - I am mainly attaching encrypted files and using Bitwarden as another encrypted backup solution. Is there a particular reason why the maximum attachment limit is not higher (e.g., to the maximum storage you purchased)?

Would the possibility of creating “span” backups (for attachment components) on your end work? Using spanning your entire zip would be broken down into say 3 or 4 “sets” and then when you needed to download them the entire set could be brought back down to your local device and easily re-assembled with one or two clicks. Spanning and re-assembling happens very quickly on a 2 Gig file with modern computer horsepower. Just another idea to throw out there.

May the reason the file size is limited to 500mb per file and 1gb total (I actually thought this was pretty good when I joined BW) is because they are distinguishing between it being encrypted password manager and not an encrypted file storage? Encrypted file storage (Veracrypt, etc.) complement password managers nicely. Also, tools like Google Drive when locked down with Advanced Protection is encrypted (but not zero knowledge) and quite resistent to hackers.

You are correct. The purpose of BitWarden is a password manager. The file storage is simply an additional feature because people often want to store small files - note the operative part being “small” - as part of their password entries. Like a few pages document scan to accompany an entry. Like a picture of an identity badge, a passport/identity image, certification, property title, or loan document.

The purpose is not to provide encrypted backup storage. So, I would say that BitWarden is not suitable for your use case, it seems.