Increase attachement upload max size


I use Bitwarden on-premise and I would like to know if it possible to increase the size limit for attachement upload.


The 100mb limit?

Yes exactly, and I don’t think it’s possible to modify it.

I did a quick grep to see where it is set and found that
it is in
(see below for full grep)
I was looking to fork and fix but assumed at first that it was in the server
and I don’t understand the code well enough yet.

Would have to add a parameter to the server (maybe in env) and pass that
down to the clients.

Would be good for self-hosting to be able to both raise AND lower this limit.

bitwarden grep -r -C 2 104857600 *
browser/src/safari/Info.plist- Database Quota
browser/src/safari/Info.plist: 104857600
browser/src/safari/Info.plist- Global Page
browser/src/safari/Info.plist- background.html

jslib/src/angular/components/attachments.component.ts- }
jslib/src/angular/components/attachments.component.ts: if (files[0].size > 104857600) { // 100 MB
jslib/src/angular/components/attachments.component.ts- this.platformUtilsService.showToast(‘error’, this.i18nService.t(‘errorOccurred’),
jslib/src/angular/components/attachments.component.ts- this.i18nService.t(‘maxFileSize’));

mobile/src/App/Pages/Vault/AttachmentsPageViewModel.cs- return false;
mobile/src/App/Pages/Vault/AttachmentsPageViewModel.cs- }
mobile/src/App/Pages/Vault/AttachmentsPageViewModel.cs: if(FileData.Length > 104857600) // 100 MB
mobile/src/App/Pages/Vault/AttachmentsPageViewModel.cs- {
mobile/src/App/Pages/Vault/AttachmentsPageViewModel.cs- await _platformUtilsService.ShowDialogAsync(AppResources.MaxFileSize,