Incorporating a ChatGPT for generating Secure Passwords

I’ve been really enjoying giving ChatGPT prompts for specific criteria when generating a signle password or even a list of X random passwords. It allows me to explain in detail what I want without having to know coding or regex syntax. I’ve always really liked the XKCD-inspired password generator because it gives many additional options to increase password entropy.

It would be cool to have the ability to have a Third Option as a Password Type (ie ChatGPT Prompt) which allows you to either type/paste in prompt text to which can be used to generate a password. The ability to save the prompt as a “default” prompt would be cool to make use of that prompt quicker and easier.

The current password generator is easy enough to configure, why would you want to make it 1,000 times more complicated?

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It is difficult to envision what the benefits of such a feature would be, other than entertainment/enjoyment. This would not add any security to your passwords, and could in fact significantly degrade the password security.


ChatGPT won’t be able to improve password entropy beyond the standard generator. Would agree that it could potentially impact the integrity of a password. It wouldn’t be wise to develop something so unpredictable and agile into a security conscious product.