Include website name in alias created with simplelogin

SimpleLogin has a feature called “Include website address in one-click alias creation on browser extension” in it’s setting which when enabled will cause all alias generated in simplelogin extension to include the website name. For example an alias created for will be [email protected]

I have that setting enabled in simplelogin, and it works as intended with the official simplelogin extension, but not with bitwarden extension/clients.

This is particularly helpful feature and I would love to have this functionality in bitwarden clients and extension.

After a bit of searching from simplelogin api here is what I got

GET /api/v5/alias/options

prefix_suggestion: string. Suggestion for the alias prefix. Usually this is the website name extracted from hostname. If no hostname, then the prefix_suggestion is empty.

A client side option can be provided to enable this feature.

There is a similar issue for Fastmail aliases, and this is treated as a bug. A Bug report has been opened on GitHub:

Perhaps you can add your observations about Simplelogin there, unless you want to open a separate bug report.

It seems that bitwarden does not send the name and the prefix field

POST /api/v3/alias/custom/new

(Optional) name: alias name

If would be amazing if bitwarden could send the prefix and the name to simplelogin while creating an alias.

Well, I would suggest making this either a Feature Request or a Bug Report if you want something to happen.

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