Inactive 2FA Report not working?

I became a Premium user yesterday and I discovered that the Inactive 2FA Report is not working, it tells me:

No websites were found in your vault with a missing two-factor authentication configuration.

I already opened a bug report in GitHub (

I am posting here to ask if this is a usability problem (like the report is generated only once per week) or if I am doing something wrong.
I logged into some websites (like GitHub, PayPal, Amazon) and let Bitwarden save the credentials.
Then (24 hours later) the report still tells me that there are no sites where 2FA is missing.
In Bitwarden the 2FA field for these entries is empty…

Mine also has that message but I spent time making sure I added 2FA where it was available, so I thought it was displaying correctly. Wonder if anyone else can confirm if they have any entries in that report?

@kspearrin confirmed and solved this on GitHub, on 29th of October he wrote:

Fixed for next version. Thanks

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@kspearrin When will this fix be released to the public, so the report is working again?
It was fixed on 29th of October, so more than 2 months ago.

The Inactive 2FA Report is still not working, I still receive the following message:

No websites were found in your vault with a missing two-factor authentication configuration.

Can this really be?
I wonder how active this project is when this feature is still not working…

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Now over three years since this first appeared. I mailed support about this one year ago and they said it would be fixed in a week
Can someone from Bitwarden get back here with some info about status?
Is it going to work or is the development stalled and so why?

The items have been worked on back and forth over the past few years. The API and services have changed structure and ownership, so we’ve had to make appropriate changes along the way.

I believe v3 of the API is settled and will be integrated in the next release.

Here’s the code merge that will handle the update/patch: