In what order are cards supposed to be listed in search results?

In what order are cards supposed to be listed in the results when performing a search?

They definitely are not listed in alphabetic order.

They seem to be listed in the reverse order of when they were last edited (most recently edited last!), but it’s not consistent. :astonished:

This appears to be a bug. Is it?

BTW, I would prefer they be listed alphabetically. But if that is not possible, at least sorted in order of last edited, with the most recently edited items first, not last… and for the sorting to be consistent without any exceptions like how it currently appears to be implemented.

Or maybe it’s sorting by how the planets were aligned when the items were initially created, and I just didn’t notice it? :smiley:

I think Bitwarden uses Lunr for search, so probably their relevance scoring algorithm: Searching : Lunr
This causes multiple occurrences of match to rank higher and other behaviors.

Certain matches are also boosted in score jslib/search.service.ts at master · bitwarden/jslib · GitHub like match inside first 8 characters (shortid).

There is also a feature request to tweak the boosts Improve ordering search results with several words by relevancy


Thank you very much. Yes, Bitwarden uses Lunr for searches, and I forgot that it also likely uses Lunr to order search results. I forgot this because Bitwarden always uses date last modified when it presents folder contents (which appear just like search results in the UI), which is going to be different from Bitwarden’s current Lunr search rankings.

That’s a UX issue that will require some work for Team Bitwarden to resolve, as the order of items will be different depending on how you got to the list of items presented in the UI.

@moderators @tgreer You may want to notify Team Bitwarden to consider working on this UX issue. I have a hunch it’s not a bug, but UX design that needs attention and love. :heart:


Thanks for the attention here! There is definitely a theme to improving search and sorting overall, but this is good to note :+1:

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I noticed it’s been almost a year, and haven’t seen any improvements in this area. Any updates?