In 'Notes' add a tag to hide some content, using a spoiler tag

Hi, as BW is about password/secret, we often have to write in ‘Notes’ field some stuff that we do not want to display when opening by mistake a BW entry by mistake when selecting it (during a screen-sharing session for example).

We can hardly write it in a hidden field as this field is too tiny and can not be extended like the ‘Notes’ field:

Furthermore it can be hard to give context to this.

I would be very useful to have a way to hide some content from your ‘Notes’ field, like a spoiler tag. This is already in use in various context (so it is even more vital for a password manager tool):

  • In reddit:

!This is a spoiler!<

  • In stackExchagen:

! This is a spoiler.

  • In Discord:

||This is a spoiler||

  • In Bitwarden Community AND Github:
Spoiler warning! This is the hidden spoiler text.

Or perhaps a new customizable field type of “resizable text”.

Based on your screenshot, it looks like you are using the Web Vault client. If so, you can use the “Master Password Reprompt” feature as a safeguard to prevent accidentally opening sensitive vault items.

That’s an alternative solution, yes