In-Line Auto fill not working in Edge

I had everything working on my desktop and then I moved to a new office and then I tried to log in with the desktop and the Bitwarden extension is not letting me use the In-line tool or even letting me type a username or password at all. I have to turn off the extension for the webpage just to get it to type. Before I turn it off, I am able to fill the password from the icon in the browser extensions area but I am unable to type anything in any sort of username or password field.

I have tried to remove the extension but it doesn’t help. It does work on the same PC in Firefox.

This kinda shows how I am not able to type when the extension is on.

BW Issue

Hello David, and welcome to the community!

This is an on-going problem:

with the workaround of either turning off the scribe extension or BW’s inline autofill. With the inline autofill off, the usual Ctrl+Shift+L will still shift through the credential(s) for the website.

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Turning off scribe worked perfectly. Thank you so much

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