Improved Autofill Support for Paginated Logins

Feature name

  • Browser extension autofill support for paginated logins

Feature function

  • Improve browser extension autofill support for paginated logins without the need to click the browser extension. Sites that use paginated login forms (only display the username field then validate before displaying the password field) do not currently autofill without requiring user intervention. On iOS a double authentication must also occur; one for the username and one for the password.

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Welcome to the forum, @mwstamant !

Can you provide some examples? I have not experienced this myself — in contrast, I am able to successfully use autofill on paginated logins such as those for and, and even for Microsoft Active Directory logins similar to those in your link.

I’m not sure how you have diagnosed that the problems you are experiencing are being caused by the multipage login format, as opposed to a garden-variety issue with unconventional form field identifiers (which can be solved by defining custom fields).