Improve UX for "Don't ask to verify fingerprint phrase again" in org user verification

When confirming a user in an organization, you are presented with a checkbox with this text:

Don’t ask to verify fingerprint phrase again

This text is ambiguous. It is unclear what this means. Here are some possible interpretations:

  • The currently logged-in user will never be asked to verify anyone’s fingerprints for any organization.
  • The currently logged-in user will never be asked to verify this specific fingerprint for the user in question for any organization.
  • No user will ever be asked to verify anyone’s fingerprint again for the current organization.

I suggest improving the clarity of the text for this field to indicate the scope of users and organizations that it applies to.

Also, there needs to be a method to reverse this setting. I could not find a way to reverse the setting at all. If the box is checked by accident, it should be obvious where to look for this setting. I can think of two approaches:

  1. Put the toggle directly in the org users page.
  2. Instead of presenting a checkbox, link the logged-in user to the settings page where this setting is toggled.
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True, also to add to the ambiguity:

  • I was under the assumption that no invites would have to be accepted

Which means they would get auto-accepted but now that I’m reading the statement it says Don’t ask to “verify”

I do need a way to revert this though. There isn’t an option even in the admin.

Edit: Also, after ticking that checkbox, is this applied to:

  • just this organisation
  • just this user account
  • globally – not even sure what this is but basically every single users’ account who was/is in this organisation