Improve username generation allowing two random words

Currently, the username generation tool is very limited as it defaults to one random word. To improve its functionality, please add the option to generate a combination of two random words.


This would be very helpful as most large sites have simply too many users for it to work reliable. With how it is currently, creating a one-word username leads to “This username is already taken” in the majority of cases. In my opinion, the generator should default to two words and could work basically like the passphrase generator where you can choose how many words you would like. But before this feature request is stuck in “other priorities hell” forever simply setting the default to two words would be more than enough.

Given I need only recognise a user name, not remember it, I find that the provided option to add a number suffices. If I am keen on having a special or multi-word user name rather than random, I can open a book in a suitable genre.

This is just a passing comment on the options, not decrying those to whom the requested change might be helpful.

Yes, this never fails for me either. Me, Mr. 5569.

Other current workarounds include the many free username generators out there. If you are paranoid, you can use Tor to hide your IP when you generate the user names.