Improve UI for shared items

Currently all shared items from our organization appear under “no folder” in the users vault. The same items can also be found in the collections which are also shown in the users vault.
I could order the shared items into a folder but this isn´t fun with over 300 items we currently have, and every user have to do this manual.

The best thing would be if the shared items just won´t shown under “no folder” and only in the collections.


I think an elegant and rather straightforward solution would be to add checkboxes to the right of each listed collection to control the visibility of items that originate from that collection. For improved usability an “un/check all” button would also be helpful in this case.

yes we need to remove collection from no folder. When we create new item by saving them with the browser plugin it goes directly under no folder and its really messy to have all the collection items under no folder and new created item under the same.