Improve support for Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

Can’t take a screenshot in Bitwarden but Microsoft Edge (Chromium) on Android only shows the apps manifest name rather than the URL visited so it never matches the username or password unless you manually search.

After the first search and autofill is completed, it ceases to function at all until Edge is force closed and relaunched.

Can better support be brought to this new browser?


I have this problem too, and I can’t believe more people aren’t complaining about it. It’s a show-stopper for me with using Microsoft Edge on Android.

I also don’t think it’s Bitwarden’s issue…I think it’s Microsoft’s.

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Chromium Edge on iOS simply freezes. It doesn’t crash, just don’t let you do anything until you switch to other app and back. Seems more a issue from the guys at Redmond.

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Microsoft or Bitwarden to resolve, it would be nice for the team to give us a definite answer on what needs to be done to fix it for us all.