Improve password change/creation detection

This feature request already exists:

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In the event that this happens, the password generator tab has an option to show all the recently generated passwords.

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Offer to save password feature is not working when I use EDGE. :frowning:

Now it worked I just dont know if it worked before and i missed it. I was expecting to see a pop up of some kind like lastpass and not a line on top of the page.

I can’t seem to figure out how new password detection or new entry creation is supposed to work in Firefox with the extension. I pressed the button to make a new account to post this message and if I hadn’t copied the password to the clipboard I would have lost it. As far as I can tell, the plugin doesn’t save a new entry when you click off it to paste the password and it closes.

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This is a huge issue. It’s manageable, if very annoying, for me, but makes adoption near impossible for people around me.

Dashlane, Lastpass and others just work most of the time. With Bitwarden, I’m surprised when it does.

This is a core function of a password manager and frankly embarrassing.

This issue I am also seeing.
If I enter a wrong password, it stays in same site and bitwarden asks for password change,

However, if correct the site changes, and bitwarden is not able to detect.

Lastpass would work just fine,

Switched over from - not sure why now after a few days. Changing old passwords was so much better. You get the option to generate a new password IN the password field on the webpage you’re on and that new PW is automatically taken over to Lastpass. Here you have to generate one in BitWarden and then copy it over to the webpage. And when you save it, you have to hope that BitWarden detects the password change, which I find works 60% only. Multiple logins or PW changes were not detected so far by BitWarden. You could end up with an old PW in BitWarden and lock you out…