Improve OTP menu UX

Feature name

  • Improve the OTP menu experience

Feature function

Currently to copy an One Time Password product requires me to perform 4 actions:

  1. Open context menu
  2. Point to the Bitwarden submenu
  3. Point to the “Copy verification code” submenu
  4. Click on the site name there

My suggestion is to place the “Copy verification code” item directly to the Bitwarden submenu for cases where only one OTP was added. This may reduce flow by 1 step and improve overall experience.

Or it may be placed to the 1st level of the menu, so flow will be reduced by 2 steps.

Hey @BUSHA, you can also do the following: Keyboard Shortcuts | Bitwarden Help & Support

:bulb: Tip

If a login uses the Bitwarden Authenticator for TOTPs, using the Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L will automatically copy your TOTP to your clipboard after auto-filling. All you have to do is Cmd/Ctrl + V to paste!

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Hey @dwbit
This works only during the login/password fill. This shortcut doesn’t copy the OTP separately.
For example I need it inside the bank’s web-app, when I already logged in, and need to sign the payment.

If Bitwarden would have a separate shortcut for OTP copying it may be a solution as well :slight_smile:

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Hey @BUSHA - if this scenario is in the web browser, as you have tagged in your OP, then the quickest way to copy the OTP (while you wait for a keyboard shortcut feature) is to click on the extension icon in the browser’s bar, and then click the little clock icon that appears beside the login entry at the top of the browser extension window. Then you can right-click and paste or CONTROL/COMMAND-V to paste from the keyboard.