Improve Auto-fill when page doesn't show login form first after loading complete

Feature name

  • Improve Auto-fill when page doesn’t show login form first after loading complete

Feature function

Auto-fill when page loading will not work if the page shows a QR code or “login with phone number and verification code” instead of “login with email”.

For example, when you log into , wait for 2 seconds after the page loading complete, it shows “短信登录/注册”(sms login/register) form in default, then click on “密码登录”(password login), nothing is filled into the form. However, if you click it back to “sms login/register”(to restore the page status), then CTRL+F5 refresh the page and click on the “password login” as soon as possible when page is still loading, you will find that the auto-fill works.

This problem shows up at many sites, eg. csdn.n#et, music.163.c#om, sspai.c#om, bigjpg.c#om, storeweb.c#n, rule34video.c#om (NSFW), and so on. (delete “#” please)

The same problem also shows up if I open the page in the background tab with CTRL+Left Mouse instead of foreground tab. If you don’t see the page immediately, the auto-fill won’t work. This problem applies to all pages.

Additionally, this problem shows after a fullscreen alert, for example Iwara . It will display a NSFW alert at first, then login form, which fails auto-fill.

I really hope you can fix this. This is very important to me. Thanks for your efforts.

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I think this is a challenging problem, because those websites completely rewrite the HTML code for the login form when you choose a different login option. I doubt it will be possible for Bitwarden (or any other password manager) to implement working auto-fill on page load for such websites.

The easiest solution would be to just use the Ctrl+Shift+L keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Shift+L on macOS) after you have switched the login form to a password login format.

However chrome and firefox can handle it well, whenever you tried to login after the page is loaded.

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They fill in the username and password automatically after you click the “密码登录”(password login) link following the initial page load?

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Yes, I hardly see chrome fail to auto-fill.

Well, I guess it’s technically feasible, then. They must have the ability to detect every change made to the HTML document, and then rescan the form fields after every such code alteration.

Sounds like this would require a pretty major revision to the Bitwarden code-base, so in the meantime, I still recommend that you use the Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut.

Alright, I get it. If bitwarden’s auto-fill will be as well as chrome’s, there is no reason to use chrome’s auto-fill anymore.

If you currently have the Chrome and Firefox password managers enabled in the same browsers that use the Bitwarden browser extension, you may also want to try temporarily disabling the Chrome and Firefox password saving and autofill functions, because these can sometimes interfere with Bitwarden’s function. So, if you haven’t already done so, I would recommend testing those login pages using Bitwarden again, with all other password managers disabled.

Of course I disabled them, including auto-fill history. The background color of login form when using Chrome or Bitwarden to auto-fill is different. Chrome’s form background color is light blue and Bitwarden’s is white. You can see this in the screenshot above. Thanks for your recommandation. Excuse me, are you a member of the development team? Can this suggestion be adopted in the development roadmap?

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No, I have no affiliation with Bitwarden other than being a customer. Bitwarden staff can be identified by the presence of a Bitwarden logo (blue-white shield) in their forum avatars.

I was just trying to provide some assistance and offer a work-around for you.

Good luck with your feature request!

Thank you for making this issue. It’s something that was bugging me for a long time (BW user for more than a year), and yes, Chrome (Vivaldi in my case) and FF autofill work better than BW, even when the login form is created after the page is completely loaded.


The easiest solution would be to just use the Ctrl+Shift+L keyboard shortcut

does work does not work most of the time for some unknown reason. I must always click the BW extension and click the account there, which is a long time frustration point.

I assume the above was a typo, and that you meant “does not work”. If so, this is an unrelated issue, that should be fixable in most cases. If you want help with this, please start your own forum topic, and provide some example URLs where the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work.

For the record, Ctrl+Shift+L does work on the site that was referenced by OP.

you’re correct. good catch and fixed.

the problem is they keyboard shortcut works sometimes. which is the worst kind of bug.

Like I said, if you find any login sites where the shortcut does not work, please post the URL in a separate forum topic if you would like help getting it to work.

related: Autofill not working on indiegogo

Since this can be misunderstood in the context of our exchange just above your post, I would like to clarify that your problem with indiegogo is related to the OP (improving autofill on page load for sites like, in which the HTML code is rewritten after the page is loaded), but it is not related to your statement above about the keyboard shortcut (sometimes) not working.

The Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+L shortcut works fine on bouth and (but autofill on page load does not)

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