Improve and simplify Manual Sync Flow

Manual syncing is often required if I need to sync immediately from one device to another and between different applications on the same device (browser/vault/windows). I understand that there is auto-sync but it doesn’t seem to sync as frequency and quickly as I’d like it to.

On browser, this is a ridiculously cumbersome 5 step process: click browser icon, login, settings, sync folder, sync button. I fail to understand why the sync button is nested inside a folder. Similar sync flow on android app. This is horrible UX design.

Windows app is much more reasonable: file > sync. Or just use the shortcut.

In my experience, all bitwarden browser extensions are quite clunky and have unpleasant UX.

If you have to login, then that’s your problem. The extension can’t auto sync if you are logged out.

FWIW, when I am logged in to my extension, auto sync works great and I basically never rely on manual sync.

Under SettingsManageSync
You can Sync Vault Now as well as Enable sync on refresh
This will allow you to use a simple pull down swipe gesture from anywhere in the vault to perform a manual sync.
Similarly to how mobile browsers allow for a swipe down to refresh a page.

Curious though as to why the auto-sync is not working. As I understand browser based web-vault, extensions, and the desktop app should all use Websockets to relay a change to each client.
While the mobile apps use push notifications.

I’ve not personally seen much issues with the sync functionality in Bitwarden across clients, and even in testing changes in secure notes this immediately carries over a change from either client to the next.
Are you perhaps using any self-hosted solution, or possibly firewall rules may be a cause. Trying your cellular vs wireless may be a step to check.