Impossible to allow Touch ID on Arc Browser

Touch ID is impossible to activate on Arc Browser : the extension asks for enabling the browser integration on desktop app but it’s already enabled and it doesn’t work.
I’m using the latest version of Arc (0.103.1) on the latest version of macOS (Ventura 13.3.1)

I’m seeing the same behavior.
Latest version of Arc (0.111.0) on latest version of MacOS (Ventura 13.4.1)
Browser extension installed and integration enabled, BW app running and signed in, and I’m still getting the login prompt with password as the only option in the browser.

I’m also seeing this!

Currently on Arc (1.2.2) on macOS (Sonoma 14.0 Public Beta 3).

Browser extension installed and BitWarden app is running, signed in, and browser integration is enabled. If I try to enable “Unlock with Biometrics” in the browser extension I get “Browser integration is not setup”.

So I got mine to work, if anyone still has trouble. Here’s what you can do:

On the bitwarden app on MAC, go to Settings > Scroll down until you find “Require verification for browser integration” > check it > “allow browser integration” > check it.

On the Arc browser, download the Bitwarden extension. Go to settings > check “unlock with biometrics”.

now when you click that, it should show a verification phrase that will also pop up in the bitwarden desktop app and it should match. After confirming that, the next time you login to the extension, it should prompt you for touch ID.

hope this helps

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No, nothing works here, same result. It works with Firefox, Chrome, etc but not with ARC. Bitwarden support told me a while ago that ARC isn’t supported yet. So are you sure you’re on ARC browser ? If yes, could you make screen copies for us just in case ?

I really wish this feature will be fixed or added. I tried several times to make it work on ARC browser

I made an account for this forum just to say, thank you! This worked for me, exactly as you described.