Importing Passwords from MS Edge

Can one import Passwords from EDGE as you can from Chrome?

It doesn’t seem to be straight forward for Edge. You will need to use a third party software (free) to export it as a CSV/HTML file first. Search for " Export Passwords from Microsoft Edge" to find the section with instructions to export from Edge:

Then either import directly into BitWarden (if that’s possible) or import it into Chrome/Firefox first. Then do another export from those browsers and import into BitWarden. I don’t see Edge as an import option here so I’m not sure if there will be a problem if you select Chrome/Firefox directly even if it was exported from a third party software.

Use Chrome as your file format.

Read here: Import Data from Google Chrome | Bitwarden Help & Support


The steps in this article can also be used with the following browsers:

  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium)
  • Brave
  • Vivaldi