Importing multiple databases from multiple password managers

Over the years I had created numerous (possibly more than a dozen) databases to store passwords. I genuinely can’t remember why I ended up regularly creating new databases and ditching old ones, but that’s besides the point. These databases were made in LastPass, KeePass/KeePassXC, and Bitwarden. I’m going to try to get in to as many of my old password databases as I can and I’d like to import them into a single Bitwarden vault. Would this be possible? If not, does anyone have any recommendations as to how I could go about centralizing these old databases into a single database?

I know you can export from LastPass and import into BitWarden because I have done that.
It will be a similar process to move data from one Bitwarden vault to another.
Does your KeePass database have an export function? It looks like it does looking at the “Import and Export FAQs”.

Here is some guidance from the Bitwarden help file.