Importing from Open Intentions OI Safe

Is there a way to import my 1,000 entries currently in OI Safe into Bitwarden. The only information I was able to find involved conditioning CSV files, which is just did not understand!

Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to give me.

Hi @howard and welcome to the community.

As you did not post a link to the product or provide an example output it’s hard to gauge where you are having issue. Conditioning a csv-file is definitely possible and not too hard, assuming you know how to open the file, with for example, Excel and rename/re-order columms.

Is the product you are speaking of, possibly this one: OI Safe ?

If it is, then it should be fairly easy to condition a file, as the product is also open-source and I found the exported headers here.

Category is probably some kind of folder but could also be a item type (login, identity, etc).
The other columns just need to be renamed:

  • description β†’ name
  • website β†’ login_uri
  • username β†’ login_username
  • password β†’ login_password

and re-ordered as described on our help-page I linked above.

Please let me know, if that worked for you.

If it did, we could include my instructions on the help page.

Kind regards,

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Thank you soooo much for the help.

I was able to export csv file from OI Safe, change header names as you indicated, added a couple of columns that were not present in the original file, reordered columns as the Bitwarden Sample Export file showed, converted this file to a text cvs file, and was able to import it into bitwarden.

Only issue was that 8 of the 1,000+ entries contained notes over 10,000 characters, so the original file would not upload. I cut these rows out of the file, and the import took less than 3 seconds.

Once again, thanks for the help!