Importing from NordPass

Hi folks,

I’m trying to switch from NordPass to bitwarden. NordPass gives a .csv file with my passwords. However, NordPass is not on bitwarden’s list of formats.

Which format can I pick to successfully import the passwords?


You can try copy pasting the csv data to the text field in import data section and see if that works.
To open the csv file use any text editor (like Notepad or TextEdit).

You can import ,csv files into Bitwarden.

You may need to change the order of the fields/rename fields. The easiest way of doing that is usually to read the file into a spreadsheet, make the necessary changes, then save a new .csv file. Import his new file.

Welcome blz-dip,
Bitwarden currently does not support Nordpass CSV files. You will have to manually condition a .csv file or .json file. For more information, please visit: Condition a Bitwarden .csv or .json | Bitwarden Help & Support
If you have any questions, leave a reply.

Although this is an older thread, just in case someone stumbles over it: Bitwarden has added support for importing from Nordpass (CSV).

Here’s an always up-to-date list of supported import file-formats: Import & Export FAQs | Bitwarden Help & Support