Importing from last pass with = as the first character of password

Hello all. Anyone has problem importing password from LastPass to BW, if the password starts with an “=” The import process add a space at the begining in making the PW being " =".



Are you sure it is the import process and not the export process? I have heard that Lastpass does not use a standard implementation of the CSV format, which could certainly cause this type of issue. Please open the exported CSV file using a text editor (e.g., Notepad in Windows) and check how Lastpass has saved those passwords.

Totally right ! - GRRR. Thanks.

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Not super familiar with it, but if you are having export issues from LastPass you may try to use the Bitwarden Importer utility.

Though I would also note, when importing again to your Vault you will also want to Purge all your data if you do not have any new items (or possibly take an export backup if you have created new logins). This way you don’t end up with duplicates, as if you import multiple times you will end up with copy records.

Hello - I see this importer is for macos and windows. I only use linux. Is there another importer?

Ahh in that case I do not believe so. The importer tool by itself is a fairly new piece of software so I’m not sure how polished it is, but hopefully as it develops there will also be a Linux installer binary as well.

The best option here would be to use the web-vault to import data to your individual vault, or a shared organization if needed.
There are also several guides for importing from a specific password manager as well.

Yep- thank you. The vault seems good. I need to migrate our family account but paid up-front to November 2023. I’m unable to get a refund from lastpass. So it’s a bit annoying.