Importing from CSV

Stupid Newbie question. I am thinking about moving from KeePass to BitWarden. I imported my KeePass XML file. Once that was done I exported the BitWarden file as a CSV so I have a backup, and for editing purposes.

If I was to make changes or additions to the CSV file from BitWarden, and then say “Import CSV” How would BitWarden handle this?

I have 440 records already in the system. Would it look for changes in those records and respond accordingly or would it ignore the 440 that were already there and start with record 441?

Even worse would it import them all again causing duplicate records?

It would be easiest to just try it out, especially as you are just experimenting with bitwarden. If you get duplicates you can just empty your vault and import the file again.

That being said, expected behaviour is not for imported entries to be merged with existing entries. If you change a password, you should change it in Bitwarden. The CSV you create has the function to 1) export passwords to another service or 2) act as a backup in case you forgot your masterkey. Importing a CSV will import all entries. You can compare it to browser bookmarks: you can export your bookmarks and then tell your browser to import bookmarks from a file. There will be duplicates.