Importing 'Form Fills' from Lastpass - what are form fills?

Hi, I’m a convert from Lastpass!

The instructions from bitwarden to export and import from Lastpass say that to use ‘Form Fills’ you need to use the browser extension and select More optionsAdvancedExportForm Fills.
and then import this CSV to bitwarden, if we want to maintain Form Fill functionality.

When I did this my CSV was empty, so i exported the normal Lastpass csv from the browser extension and imported that instead, as that wasnt empty.

Everything seem to be working ok and it fills out ‘log-ins’ ok both on browser and mobile devices.

Am I missing something? Is that not what ‘Form Fills’ are?



Same here. My csv is 1byte
I guess, for any reason we have never setup the form fill option in last pass.
When I tried to autofill any form I’ve seen it was always safari or chrome themselves who did it for me, but not Last Pass.

Form fills are vault items that store details like payment details, contact information or addresses. They can be used to fill in things that you would often have to fill in yourself like your credit card details, address or other information usually asked on websites.

On Bitwarden they would usually be stored under the Identity and Card section.