Importing File

I am trying to import a file from lastpass.csv. It is only 1.7 KB with 6800 records. I am getting the error “You cannot import this much data at once”. I searched the help are and this forum and there is not info on either the max size or number of records allowed. Who knows the answer.

Thanks in ADVANCE!!!

There is a size limit on individual secure notes items (it’s around 7000 characters), but this sounds like you just have too many rows (entries) in your .csv file.

The solution is easy: just break up the lastpass.csv file into parts (e.g., lines 1-1000, lines 1001-2000, etc.), and then import them one at a time. The only trick is that the first line in the laspass.csv file (which has column names for every column) must be included as the first line in each of the individual parts.

You can use Notepad or Excel to edit the file and create the individual parts (for example, save 7 copies of lastpass.csv, naming them lastpass1.csv, lastpass2.csv, etc.; then open lastpass1.csv and delete rows 1002 to the end, next open lastpass2.csv and delete rows 2-1001 as well as rows 2002 to the end, and so on).

I don’t know the maximum number of records that can be processed in a single import, but I can’t imagine it is smaller than 1000.

I found the following condition in the code that throws the error message “You cannot import this much data at once”:

(model.Ciphers.Count() > 6000 || model.FolderRelationships.Count() > 6000 || model.Folders.Count() > 1000))

However, I don’t know if model.Ciphers.Count() counts the number of vault items, or whether it counts the individual ciphers (i.e., the username, password, URL, etc., are all encrypted and stored as individual cipher strings in the database). If it is counting individual cipher strings, then you may be limited to around 1000 login items for each import.