Import from Tiny Password

I am currently using Tiny Password on ios. It’s an old app and is no longer in the app store. It works fine on ios 16 but with ios 17 just released I am hesitant to upgrade in case it doesn’t work anymore. So I’d like to import it into bitwarden if possible.

Not sure what file format to specify on the import screen since Tiny Password is not listed. I exported a backup file from TP and it’s in a zip format. When I unzip it it has several files, all with a .p file extension. The biggest file in the zip is named myPass.sqlite-wal.p. Has anyone had success with importing from Tiny Password? Or should I just build a csv file?

Hi @belle and welcome to the community!

As long as you can export the passwords from Tiny Password, and it is recommended to work with Tiny Password on that, you can condition the file for import to Bitwarden.

It doesn’t seem that Tiny Password allows for creation of exports in any format useful for importing into other password managers. If you’re up for experimenting, you might be able to use something like SQLiteBrowser to open that “sqlite-wal.p” file (after changing its file extension) and then export it to CSV from there, but no guarantees.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a try.

Thought I’d give a followup on my issue. Using SQLiteBrowser I was able to open up one of the files but it only had the database structure in it. All the other files gave me errors. I was able to export a lot of passwords from firefox to excel which give me about half of what I had duplicated in Tiny Password. Then I filled in the rest by manually adding them from the info I had in TP. I was very surprised how easy it was to import the CSV into bitwarden.


Thanks for the update!