Import from Samsung Pass ( Andoid phone)

Hello all
i’m trying to import all my exported password from my Samsung mobile s22 ( android)
using Samsung pass
It generating a file like this :slight_smile: 2023_07_12_21_16_47_spass_export_data.spass
also it’s password protected

I can’t find a file extension under import who matches so I guess I just have to input one by one i Bitwarden ?

Unfortunately, Samsung Pass allows neither exporting to, nor importing from other password managers. You have no choice but to manually copy each entry.

If you’re adventurous and technically inclined, there is an app called Tasker that runs macros, and somebody wrote a macro that helps transfer login items one-by-one into an Autosheets spreadsheet. I have no idea if this is secure or not, and I do not vouch for it in any way, but I wanted to share this option that I came across when I was searching for a solution for you.