Import from "Password Depot"?


I started with Bitwarden a couple of days ago. Now i want to import my password files from “Password Depot” ( Password Depot: The powerful password manager! ) into Bitwarden.

So far I can only use the csv-import. I found no other way - websearch and also in this forum nothing about it.

Does anybody has some tipps about it? I found “Condition a Bitwarden csv” - and I think I have to try it with this.

But maybe someone has a solution cause I think I will lose some stuff from my password-files.

Thanks in advance.


Looks like Bitwarden doesn’t support the import file from Password Depot.
You will have to manually condition a CSV file and enter all the data. Just copy and paste the entries in the CSV file. Maybe you can just change the field name and make it identical to the Bitwarden CSV file.

Looked into the CSV-file from Password Depot. And it misses the userdefined fields :frowning:

Bitwarden can import fields via CSV. But now I would have to use XML-export with all necessary information and somehow morph this to csv.

Oh man. This will be hard one. So many entries to move. And 4 users.

Have to put more effort into the test of Bitwarden. I´m not sure if I really want to switch from Password Depot. But there are a couple of problems with it so I want to switch

That would seem to be a Password Depot limitation. Have you asked in whatever support is available for it?

The usual approach is to read the exported data into a spreadsheet, adapt it and then read it into the new software. If fields are not exported than the only way to get that data into any other software is to cut and paste it manually.