Import from Nordpass CSV does not start when clicking import button

When I export a CSV from Nordpass (version and try to import it using the Nordpass import format clicking on the import data-button does not invoke any action. Neither with a csv-file, nor with csv formatted text pasted in the text area.

Who can help me. Reformatting the CSV to Bitworden format is a big job.

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Hey @loovanloon can you confirm if you have checked to see if this behavior occurs when using other browser’s on your device?

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No, I as far as I know I have only used Microsoft Edge as I normally do. I will try Firefox and/or Chrome soon and will report back here.

Hey @dwbit, unfortenately I can confirm that the same problem occurs with: Firefox, Firefox Developper and Google Chrome: clicking the import button gives only a visible button-down-up effect, but no import of data starts.

BTW: When I imported the nordpass-export-csv-file with a non-nordpass profile an import-action took place, but resulted in the creation of folders in Bitwarden. I can’t remember which profile I took (one of the major players I guess)

Interesting, thanks for confirmation! Can you file a bug report on Github for the team to investigate?

Bug report 3847 has been filed:

At your service, @dwbit

So your vaultwarden instance won’t import a CSV file correctly. Why have you come to the Bitwarden forums for a solution? No Bitwarden products are involved with your issue.

This is a direct quote from the developer of vaultwarden:

This project is not associated with the Bitwarden project nor 8bit Solutions LLC.

:warning:IMPORTANT :warning:: When using this server, please report any bugs or suggestions to us directly (look at the bottom of this page for ways to get in touch), regardless of whatever clients you are using (mobile, desktop, browser…). DO NOT use the official support channels.

More info can be found here .

Dear David,

I apologise for that. Sorry to have bothered Bitwarden. I thank you for your kind reaction.

To thank you as well I have set up a free personal Bitwarden account. I tried to import Nordpass-csv with this official account and it gave the same results as I reported in the bug report.

I hope this information can be of any value to Bitwarden as well. Have a nice day and sorry again for the inconvenience. It was a pleasure to get acquainted with Bitwarden.

I also filed a bug report at Vaultwarden. More info can be found here and here

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Although the user is using Vaultwarden the issue he has detailed is handled first through the client side of BW.

Nope. He said he was using the web vault client, which is server side.

Ah I see. I wonder if doing an import via browser extension or desktop app would make a difference.

I don’t think Bitwarden should have any obligation to ensure that their clients are compatible with back-end products from other developers, if that’s what you are implying.

Absolutely not. If that were the case I would of said should rather than wonder. Secondly, it is very clearly stated from the unofficial side that they are not of the same.

Lastly, the op also stated he created a free account on bitwarden and still had the issue……soooo yea this particular conversion from nordpass to Bw is either not supported at this time or it’s broke. Vaultwarden also said it wasn’t on their end and is upstream.

I guess @dwbit can validate my last paragraph here.

Bitwarden application for Windows has no option to import from 3rd parties. At least not with a free Bitwarden account.

In the browser console I found out that the problem is on my server configuration (Error: WebSocket failed to connect.) I’ll have to fix that. I will also change the bug-report.