Import from Dashlane unable to unzip

Hi Everyone. Very new here. I can’t find a similar issue in the forums.
I have exported zip file from Dashlane to my download folder. When I try to unzip it to import each csv separately to Bitwarden. I get this message (also I have uploaded a screenshot)

‘Unable to expand “” It is in an unsupported format.’
I am using a late 2014 iMAC running Big Sur 11.7.6

A search for a resolution suggested using Terminal (didn’t work) or downloading various other software to unzip … which I really don’t want to do with my precious list of passwords.

I have reached out to Bitwarden help, but have yet to receive a reply

Thanks in advance for any advice from the community

Quick update to (hopefully) help others with the same issue.

The reason I moved to Bitwarden is because Dashlane stopped working with Big Sur, and my 2014 iMAC could not be updated to more recent MACOS.

I downloaded and successfully extracted the zip file using my MACbook (which does run Monterey), transferred to a USB then tried import

(apologies for bold but I feel this bit is important **The ids did NOT import ** see screenshot

Imported the following csv files successfully

  1. Credentials
  2. payments
  3. personalinfo
  4. securenotes

Question for community: How important is the ids file … and what could be in it?

According to Dashlane’s documentation, this category is for IDs, such as passports, drivers licenses, etc.:

Bitwarden does not have a corresponding vault item type, which is probably why the import failed. Since your export is in CSV format, you should be able to use Excel or any text editor (e.g., Notepad) to view the contents.

If you need to store this type of data in Bitwarden, your best bet is probably to use a secure note, optionally supplemented with custom fields. If you have a large number of IDs and don’t want to enter them manually into Bitwarden, the CSV file can probably be conditioned so that the IDs can be imported as secure notes.

Thanks grb, that is useful. I see you regularly reply to others, so thanks for that too.

This is my fourth day with Bitwarden. So far impressed with speed and functionality compared to Dashlane. I have now created some identities (home and work) successfully.

The main issue now is paying by card. I have tried several sites but each one returns “unable to auto-fill the selected item on this page. Copy and paste the information instead”. This is frustrating and time consuming with several fields that are hidden (for good reason) such as card number, name on card expiry date, CVV all of which are different on each card.

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Have the same problem. After an update can not unzip the Dashlane archivefile. Where is the Dashlane update to solve this problem? It is serous i want a backup for all my Dashlane passwords.

Bitwarden is at the mercy of how the payment pages have been coded in HTML by the website designer, and it is not uncommon that some fields fail to autofill (usually the expiration date is the biggest problem). I don’t usually encounter the error message that you described though. What are some of the sites where you have found this problem? If they are frequently used sites where you need to complete payments on a regular basis, you may be able to set up some custom fields to help with the problem.

In the meantime, I found a random payment page, which I have verified can be autofilled by Bitwarden’s browser extension: Can you autofill there, or do you get the same error? By the way, I don’t see anything nefarious in the HTML code of that payment page, but if you want to be extra secure, create a fake credit card entry in Bitwarden for this test; and obviously, don’t submit the form after autofilling.


Try downloading the zip file from Dashlane using a windows PC or another MAC using Monterey or higher. That is what worked for me, my problem was when I downloaded from my iMAC running Big Sur

Thank you it is a Dashlane problem they are working on it. Now i zipped with Safaribrowser and there is no problem:)