Import from 1Password to include TOTPs

Feature name

  • Import from 1Password to include TOTPs

Feature function

  • Include TOTPs when importing from 1Password
  • This will aid migration / onboarding people who’re currently using 1Password.
  • #app:web

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Thanks @AlexHeylin!

I’m not sure how long the 1pif will be around, but the new 1PUX format would be good to take care of in this regard. @djsmith85 does the forthcoming 1PUX importer handle TOTP keys?

Thank you @AlexHeylin for the report and @tgreer for the mention.

I also can’t say much about how long .1pif will be around. The new importer for .1pux supports importing TOTP keys/seeds and many other things the 1pif-importer didn’t handle.

A list of what will get imported can be found on this PR: Add importer for 1Password's new export format (.1pux) by djsmith85 · Pull Request #594 · bitwarden/jslib · GitHub

This hasn’t been reviewed yet, and once it is, it will still need to go through QA before release.

That PR looks like it should address this need. Thanks :slight_smile:

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same applies to other password managers as well.
This is the same issue I have with Lastpass.
I don’t even have any way to find out which items have TOTP enabled so I can reset them manually which is a huge problem, as if I ever switch from Lastpass, I will lose access to all my accounts which were using TOTP.

Thank you, the ability to import 1Password Secure Notes including attachments is the functionality that will bring my family back as customers, looking forward to it.